All India Prelim Test Series 2018

UPSC, CSE, IAS, IFoS Examinations General Studies(GS) and CSAT Prelims(P.T.) Test Series-2018 (Online/Offline) All India Mock Tests Begins

gs pt test series-1.jpg

STARTS on17 Dec. 2017 10 am onwards


Fee Rs.6000/- Only


UPSC GS-1 Prelims Test Series

UPSC-GS-1-Prelims Test Series Starting from 2nd Feb. 2014

How much you read does not matter have by writing VVR IAS Test Series.

Difference from other Test Series:-

  1. Up  to the UPSC  level
  2. No fact, analytical and conceptual.
  3. Based on NCERT, Standard books and current-based Questions.