UPSC IAS Prelims Test Series-2017

UPSC IAS Prelims Test Series-2017: Economy SciTech Discussion by VVR-IAS


UPSC, CSE, IAS Essay Test Series Begins

UPSC, CSE, IAS Essay Test Series Begins

Classroom / Lecture Schedule for UPSC/IAS Prelims 2016 Crash Course for Delhi and Hyderabad Centers.

UPSC/IAS Prelims2016 Crash Course Classroom Schedule for Delhi and Hyderabad Centers.

Class Timings: *9:00AM to 11:00AM || **11:20AM to 1:20PM


UPSC/Civil Service Examination/IAS Prelims-2016 Crash Course for General Studies.

UPSC/CSE IAS Prelims – 2016 Crash Course for General Studies.

Begins on 12th April.2016 (in Delhi & Hyderabad).