All India Test Series Papers

All India Test Series Papers downlods



ESSAy Classroom Programme 2016



Course designed to empower aspirants at stage of preparation through the thinking Buttons Strategy.
Strategic discussions on Topics.
5 Test,Reference Material.
Evaluation & Feedback for ensuring high score.

ESSAy Classroom Programme 2016: Starts on 1st Oct.2016
Learn to think feel and express Skills for Success in Essay Paper

UPSC/IAS International Relations(General Studies Paper-II) 2016-17:


UPSC/IAS International Relations(General Studies Paper-II) 2016-17:
New Batch Stating on 27th Aug.2016 & 2sep. 2016

Best Ethics Coaching Begins for UPSC/Civil Services Examination/IAS General Studies in Delhi.

UPSC / Civil Services Examination / IAS General Studies Ethics Coaching Begins in Delhi.

Batch Begins on 6th Feb.2016 in Delhi.


UPSC / Civil Service Examination / IAS General Studies Internation Relations (Paper-II) 2016-17 Coaching in Delhi

UPSC / Civil Service Examination / IAS General Studies International Relations (Paper 2) 2016-17

Batch Begins on 2nd Feb.2016 in Delhi


Complete Information Brochure About UPSC / IAS / IFoS Coaching Instiute VVR-IAS Exam Preparation

Complete Details About UPSC / IAS Coaching Instiute VVR-IAS UPSC Exam Preparation


UPSC / Civil Service Examinations / IAS 2016 General Studies Economy Batch Starting on 28th Jan.2016

UPSC/Indian Administrative Services (IAS) 2016 General Studies Economy.

Batch Starting on 28th Jan.2016 in Delhi.