UPSC/CSE Current Affairs Yearly Programme for IAS-2018

UPSC/IAS Current Affairs Yearly Programme for IAS-2018 new Batch starts on 2nd Sept. 2017 at 10:30am

Current Affairs new

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UPSC IAS Current Affairs Coaching in Delhi & Hyderabad
PT-cum-Mains Demo Class

Weekend 14th Jan.2017
                                 Weekly 23rd Jan.2017upsc-ias-current-affairs-2016-coaching

GS Ethics Test-Series 2016 Schedule Flexible Test Timings by vvrias


GS Ethics Test-Series 2016 Schedule Flexible Test Timings by vvrias

UPSC/IAS International Relations(General Studies Paper-II) 2016-17:


UPSC/IAS International Relations(General Studies Paper-II) 2016-17:
New Batch Stating on 23rd & 27th Aug.2016 by vvr-ias

UPSC /CSE /IAS Prelims-2016 :Question Paper-I & II Free Download

UPSC /CSE /IAS Prelims-2016 :
Question Paper-I & II Free Download
ANSWERS KEY CSE-2016 GS Prelims Paper-I: Test Booklet Series-C
Download Question paper with Asnwer Key

Attend Free UPSC GS Prelims Examination

Attend Free UPSC GS Prelims Examination Discussion & Analysis
along with Answer Key on 11th Aug.2016.