GS Ethics Test-Series 2016 Schedule Flexible Test Timings by vvrias


GS Ethics Test-Series 2016 Schedule Flexible Test Timings by vvrias


ESSAy Classroom Programme 2016



Course designed to empower aspirants at stage of preparation through the thinking Buttons Strategy.
Strategic discussions on Topics.
5 Test,Reference Material.
Evaluation & Feedback for ensuring high score.

ESSAy Classroom Programme 2016: Starts on 1st Oct.2016
Learn to think feel and express Skills for Success in Essay Paper

UPSC,CSE,IAS GS GeneralStudies Main TestSeries


UPSC,CSE,IAS GS GeneralStudies Main TestSeries
Begins on 4th Sep.2016


Geography(Optional) exclusively at VVR-IAS by Ajay Raj Singh
Batch Begins on 26th Aug’16 at 11:00AM

Current Affairs Batch for Mains-2016 & Prelims-2017 Enriched

VIKASCurrent Affairs Batch for Mains-2016 & Prelims-2017 Enriched & Specialised Programme Starting from 27th Aug.2016


IAS GS ESSAY Test Series-2016


IAS GS ESSAY Test Series-2016
Write Essay Free mock test online Download the question cum answer booklet.